Biocellulose is a non-toxic and naturally originated nanomaterial with excellent features like biocompatibility, porosity, high purity, mechanical durability, susceptibility to modifications.

Due to its exceptional properties it may be applied in medicine, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, odontology and many other areas.

BOWIL Biotech range of products is addressed to:

  • Aesthetic medicine
  • Advanced skin treatment specialists
  • Beauty salons
  • SPA centres
  • Skin-burn treatment specialists
We are conducting reseraches on further development of biocellulose cosmetic products in our laboratories in order to use its uniqe properties for the skin care.

Biocellulose advantages in comparison with other materials:



In the last few years we were implementing innovative technology of biocellulose production on a commercial scale.

Our patents:

  • A method of producing bacterial cellulose Poland 1993 - Patent number: 171952
  • A method of obtaining bacterial cellulose Poland 2003 - Patent number: 212003
  • A method of obtaining immobilized biocatalysts Poland 2003 - Patent number: 214827
  • A method of obtaining immobilized bacteria Bacillus subtilis synthesized proteinase, Poland 2003 - Patent number: 214828
  • A method of modification biocellulose membranes, Poland 2003 - Patent number: 214844
  • A method of production of a cartilage – like biomaterial designed for reconstructive surgery, Poland 2010 - Patent number: 216180
  • A method of producing bionanocellulose with properties of the dressing for injured skin, Poland 2011 - Patent number: 216702


We are not only innovators and pioneers in biotechnology, but we are also direct manufacturer of biocellulose in compliance with GMP standarts. All of our production processes take part in specialistic laboratories located in our plant in Wladyslawowo.


Production process:

Primary culture of bacteria Gluconacetobacter xylinus E25.

  1. Fermentation process.
  2. Biocellulose growth.
  3. Addition of specific ingredients to develop different types of biocellulose.
  4. Adjustment of biocellulose to different shapes according to its usage.
  5. Sterile packing in non-toxic and pure packaging.
  6. Delivery to our customers.


Biocellulose advantages:

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    Biocellulose three-dimensional structure is composed of nanofiber cellulose, which gives the material a high elasticity, softness and mechanical strength. The arrangement of nanofiber allows the collection and maintenance of a high amount of water molecules in the space of the polymer net.
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    Biocellulose as innovative material characterizes perfect skin adherence and different liquid absorption. This unique material is able to effectively transport active substances to the skin.
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    Our biocellulose is a sterile product, properly packed under GMP standards and regulated by patents held by BOWIL Biotech and our specialists and modern laboratories.
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    Biocellulose is extremely well tolerated by patients. It provides a proper course of healing process and then finally gives good cosmetic results. Skin friendly, non-irritating and non-allergenic, easy to apply.

Range of medical application:

  • wound healing: traumatic wounds, burns (severe sunburns, etc.), chronic wounds (venous leg ulcers, diabetic foot ulcers, post-irradiation ulcers, ischemic wounds, post-operative wounds; skin grafts; skin donor sites; after tattoo wounds;
  • contact lenses;
  • heart valve;
  • different kind of implants;
  • excellent drug delivery system;
  • scaffold for tissue engineering;

Range of non medical application:

  • matrix for electronic paper;
  • high-strength paper;
  • diet foods;
  • desserts: nata de coco;
  • substrates for OLEDs;
  • an acoustic membrane in high-end earphones;
  • it has a proposed use as a gloss surface finish in magazines;

Biocellulose attractiveness as biomaterial stems from its unique properties:

  • high purity (lack of hemicelluloses and lignins);
  • high degree of crystallinity;
  • 3D-nanostructure;
  • resistance to stretching;
  • high mechanical strength;
  • high elasticity, resilience;
  • high absorbency, high water-binding capacity;
  • ability to donate and absorb liquids;
  • selective permeability for gases and liquids;
  • impermeable to microorganisms;
  • lack of components from animal’s origin;
  • biocompatibility, biofunctionalism;
  • non-pyrogenicity, non-toxicity;
  • moldability;
  • conformability.

These properties determine a wide range of biocellulose applications in medicine, cosmetics and various technical fields. They also create the strong base for building differentiated portfolio of products. Biocellulose has great potential and unlimited possibilities of use. This is why, it is such an attractive base for products