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Prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers

Worldwide Pressure Injury Prevention Day is an opportunity to raise public awareness for bedsores prevention. A decubitus ulcer is a wound caused by prolonged pressure and tissue ischemia. The problem most often affects the elderly, patients who are unconscious or immobile for long periods of time.
In the prevention of bedsores, the key role is a frequent changes of body position, hygiene, and proper treatment of wounds or erythematous lesions on the skin. Sterile dressings made of biocellulose facilitate rapid dead tissue debridement process and do not damage the granulation tissue. In the case of using a biocellulose dressing on the chronic wounds, there is a rapid decrease in inflammatory reaction and reduction of the hyperkeratosis surrounding the wound.

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In search of the ideal biomaterial

Will bacterial cellulose become a versatile medium for soft tissue repair and organ tissue replacement?
Is there a chance to continue commercialization of this material for applications in modern reconstructive surgery?

The answers to these questions and more about the advantages of biocellulose, a very high potential material used for implantation, can be found in a new white paper authored by Agata Humelt, PhD.

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International Symposium on Bacterial Cellulose

We had an opportunity to participate in the 5th International Symposium on Bacterial Cellulose in Jena, Germany.
The event encouraged international experts to discuss the latest developments in the field of Bacterial Cellulose, in particular with regard to its medical application. Participation in the Symposium was a unique opportunity to meet and share experience with the worldwide scientists and BC visionaries.

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World Heart Day

The campaign created on the World Heart Federation’s initiative with the support of the WHO and UNESCO. The global effort aims to promote healthy lifestyle and raise public awareness of cardiovascular disease, which has been the leading cause of death worldwide for 20 years.
We engage in efforts related to improving human health and take advantage of the possibilities offered by science. With other scientific and research institutions, we co-develop a project consisting in conducting preclinical studies of the applying possibility our biosynthesized cellulose, used as a bioimplant in cardiac surgery. The project was based on mechanical, biochemical, biocompatibility and biostability studies of biocellulose, in vitro and in vivo tests of vascular prostheses models, pericardial patch, pulmonary heart valve and aortic valve. The bioimplant applicability is currently undergoing preclinical studies.


World Patient Safety Day

We join the international campaign World Patient Safety Day to promote and support the WHO’s global effort, focusing on raising awareness of patient safety as a global health priority.

Having regard to the improving human health and commitment to patient well-being, our team is guided by ethical values and control the product at all stages of production, ensuring its highest purity and safety.


APRIL 2022

International Academy of Wound Management

The ever-changing field of chronic wounds treatment, lead to enrich our experience to offering more effective medical devices to specialists and experts of medicine or cosmetology areas.

As the sole manufacturer of revolutionary hypoallergenic CelMat® brand dressings, we had the pleasure of attending the International Academy of Wound Management in Krakow and gaining expertise in good medical practices in treatment and care of chronic wounds.