CelMat® Wound

CelMat® Wound

CelMat® Wound is a sterile class IIb medical device for use on skin-burns and granulation tissues, for the treatment of various types of chronic wounds. Soft and flexible dressing form ensures excellent wound adhesion, fitting perfectly into irregular anatomical contours, hard-to-reach places. Biocellulose dressings have good ability to transfer of drugs and antiseptics. Changing the dressing is carried out without additional wound irritation, supporting epidermal regeneration, the transparency of biomaterial allows easily observed the healing stages.

Application areas of CelMat® dressings:

  • treatment of chronic wounds healing by granulation (e.g. diabetic foot)
  • treatment of 1st and 2nd degree burns
  • after aesthetic medicine procedures for wounds and edemas
  • after cosmetic treatments for skin irritation and swelling
  • treatment of atopic skin lesions
  • treatment of other wounds healing by granulation after consultation with a physician
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CelMat® Wound

Biocellulose wound dressing

CelMat® Wound dressing is made of an all-natural, non-toxic and hypoallergenic material. Thanks to its high water content, provides an immediate cooling effect, significantly reducing the pain.

A biocellulose compress fulfills the excellent conditions for wound healing by relieving inflammation and stimulating cell regeneration.

The dressing is a protective barrier against bacteria and microorganisms while ensuring thermoregulation, gas exchange and a moist environment of the application site. The medical device can be safely used on very dry, hypersensitive and atopic skin.

Ingredients: purified water, cellulose

CelMat® Wound

Biocellulose wound dressing
with sodium hyaluronate

The sodium hyaluronate has antifungal properties, a softening and antipruritic effect on the skin around the wound. It enhances hydration, simultaneously revitalizing the skin and accelerates cell renewal. This biopolymer retains wound exudate in dressing, forms a protective layer on the epidermis and stimulates its reconstruction.

The sodium hyaluronate significantly improves the regeneration time of damaged tissues, supporting wound healing. Sodium hyaluronate exhibits anti-inflammatory and protective properties against postoperative bacterial and yeast infections, which is especially important in hard-to-heal wounds.

The use of a hyaluronate dressing at the re-epithelialization stage reduces the risk of hypertrophic scars and restores the natural elasticity and skin appearance.

Ingredients: purified water, cellulose, sodium hyaluronate

CelMat® Wound H