CelMat® by Bowil

CelMat® by Bowil

Our professional CelMat® products are distinguished by their effectiveness in preventing and solving dermatological problems. The dressings support the process of wound healing and epidermal regeneration. Bacterial cellulose has been recognized as the best biomaterial among all available dressings, creating moist environment for wound healing.

Professional CelMat® masks and dressings are class IIb* medical devices, made of biocellulose – an ultrapure biopolymer with unique properties and high purified water content.

* the certificate “Sterile dressing materials”, issued by Notified Body TÜV NORD Polska Sp. z o.o. in accordance with Directive 93/42/EEC and Act of 20 May 2010 on medical devices (Journal of Laws 2010 No. 107 item 679), as amended.

Unique properties of CelMat® brand medical devices


cooling effect & moist environment of the dressing application site


hypoallergenic, non-cytotoxic, non-irritating


easily observed the healing stages without removing the dressing


wound exudate absorption


perfect dressing adhesion in hard-to-reach places


superior sealing quality, impermeability to microorganisms


slightly acidic pH inhibits the proliferation of bacteria & promotes rapid healing


appropriate thermoregulation & gas exchange of the application site


sterile product, free of pyrogens and preservatives


lack of components from animal origin


high mechanical strength


no granulation tissue damages while removing the dressing

The CelMat® line assortment is addressed to:

  • podiatrists & diabetologists
  • burn specialists
  • chronic wound care experts
  • cosmetologists & dermatologists
  • plastic surgeons & aesthetic medicine physicians
  • beauty salons, tattoo parlors, wellness centers

Focusing on the highest safety standards of our medical devices, we concentrate on trust building of experts we target.

CelMat® Face

CelMat® Face

The CelMat® Face line is a revolutionary, hypoallergenic mask-shaped dressings dedicated to specialists in the treatment of facial skin wounds and burns, physicians and cosmetologists.

The advantage of CelMat® masks is the ability to use them directly after burns, injections or laser therapy, to immediately relieve pain, reduce swelling and accelerate skin regeneration.

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CelMat® Face

CelMat® Eye

CelMat® Eye is a goggle-shaped dressing, specially designed for hypersensitive skin around the eyes. Soothing and calming properties, and excellent therapeutic and cosmetic effect are the edge over the other dressings.

CelMat® Eye hypoallergenic dressing is suitable for all skin types, especially before and after medical procedures.

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CelMat® Wound

CelMat® Wound

CelMat® Wound dressing is intended for the wound healing, its application provides an instant cooling effect for pain relief.

In a smart way the material absorbs wound exudates, does not inhibit gas exchange processes on the application site, its selective permeability maintains proper thermoregulation, which significantly reduces time of the healing process.

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