Bowil Biotech Concept of ideal biomaterial

Corporate Social Responsibility

Our priority is aspiration to build customers trust, guided by the human welfare we respond to their needs and expectations. We produce high quality and safe for health medical devices. We are aware of the impact and importance of our initiatives on improving the quality of human lives, so we conduct business in an ethical and trustworthy manner. The key for us was developing a company policy with a sense of social responsibility, which led us to create the company philosophy “Healing by Feeling”.

Having regard to environmental impacts also social and economic interests, we build lasting business relationships. The medical sector requires from us special care for transparency and operating standards. We are proud of being a positive example of Polish business success in biotechnological industry. In line with the objectives of sustainable development, we invest in quality, responsible production, human resources and environmental protection.

Strzałka w prawo

Using modern technologies, we manufacture medical devices in accordance with the GMP pharmaceutical standards and the rules established by the World Health Organization. The Quality Management System compliant with international standards ISO 13485, has guarantee of quality and safety at every stage of our products life cycle.

Commitments made in the implementation of this area:

  • implementation and constant improvement of the Quality Management System, consistent with the Quality Policy
  • potential threats estimation to the execution of processes
  • Hygiene Program and control system for disinfection and sterilization of lab equipment
  • in-process control and extremely rigorous quality tests of raw materials, semi-finished products and packaging materials
  • purchasing from qualified suppliers, assessing their criticality based on risk analysis
  • performing the periodical internal audits and controlling contractors
  • protection against unauthorized access to confidential information of strategic, financial, commercial and technological character
  • taking care of trust and lasting relations with our stakeholders, as well as building partnerships with other entities at home and abroad

ISP 4 Pomorskie Smart Specialisations

Representing a medical company of international importance and great potential, we focus on the development of modern biotechnological solutions in disease prevention, regenerative medicine and implantology, enabling the launch of new products and innovative therapies based on the research and development results.

We identify with the strategic objectives of the Pomorskie Smart Specialisations, joining the agreement on modern solutions in the diagnosis and therapy of civilization diseases and ageing process. We are constantly building awareness of the needs and opportunities related to the product commercialization and the dissemination of therapies, to detect diseases and initiate healing and regenerative processes.

Creating a biosynthesized cellulose plant in the Pomeranian region allows us to strengthen the company’s competitiveness and competence in the area of health.

Our medical devices are CE conformity marked, which confirms compliance with European Union regulations, user safety guarantees and the effectiveness of highest quality standards.

The product liability is based on the Medical Device Directive (93/42/EEC), Regulation 2017/745, and other harmonized standards. The BOWIL Biotech factory has been successfully registered as a manufacturer in the US market (FDA – Reg. No: 3012479318).

Commitments made in the implementation of this area:

  • continuous clinical evaluation of products based on clinical data and current knowledge from scientific publications
  • constant supervision over product safety, analyzing reports on adverse effects and initiating corrective measures
  • storage of manufactured products in controlled conditions
  • analyzing market needs, ideas and suggestions from stakeholders, actively searching for ideas for innovative products

Guided by high ethical standards, we care about the needs and development of our employees. Through a culture of open communication, we try to know the employees’ perspectives and manage the correct the effective information flow. We support local culture, respect laws, customs and diversity while operating in foreign markets.

Our sense of responsibility towards employees we shape using the human rights, national and labor laws.

Commitments made in the implementation of this area:

  • respecting diversity, opposing all forms of discrimination
  • focusing on the employees’ development and their work satisfaction, creating a favorable environment to improvement of qualifications and promotion
  • appreciation of employees’ efforts, time and commitment through competitive salary
  • opposing all forms and practices of corruption

Having regard to the good of humanity, we are directed by ethical values and responsibility, fulfilling all obligations resulting from our business nature and applicable legal requirements.

We provide employees with safe work environment, appropriate conditions and work tools. Based on national labor law, occupational health and safety regulations, we shape responsibility for our staff safety.

Commitments made in the implementation of this area:

  • supplying employees with individual protection measures (protective equipment and workwear)
  • ensuring safe and hygienic workplaces, implementation of modern processes
  • supervision over maintenance program and periodic equipment review
  • continuously analyzing processes to eliminate and reduce hazards in the workplace
  • limiting the use of dangerous chemical substances, ensuring safety of their storage

We maximize production capacity with rational electricity and heat management, using clean and renewable energy sources. Using innovative technical and ecological solutions, we work continuously to prevent and minimize negative environmental and climate impacts.

We comply with quality standards and legal regulations on environmental protection. The company has all necessary permissions and concessions for our activities.

Commitments made in the implementation of this area:

  • rational use of natural resources, limiting water consumption, reducing consumption of raw materials, using recycled materials
  • minimizing the emissions of air pollution, soil and water, own industrial wastewater discharge system and wastewater pH averaging tank
  • maintaining a permit for rainwater and meltwater discharge
  • reducing the amount of waste generated
  • educating stakeholders on the proper disposal and utilization of our products

BDO register

Due to the applicable regulations contained in the Act on waste we have been entered into the Waste Database. BDO register enables us to manage data on waste management and ensures electronic implementation of registration and reporting obligations.

Aquatic legal survey

The investment related to draining away the precipitation allows us to meet the objectives of nature conservation and environmental protection. We have the aquatic legal survey includes a permit in the field of rainwater and meltwater collection, which flowing from our factory in Pomeranian region of Poland into the waters contained in rainwater drainage systems.

Wastewater pH averaging tank

The conditions laid down by law, regulating the quantity and quality of treated sewage, require the use of the industrial sewage disposal system in our factory. Having a wastewater pH averaging tank is dependent on the nature of our business as well as the specificity of biocellulose production processes and the disinfection methods of specialized equipment.

As a production facility of medical devices and cosmetic products, we are obliged to treat wastewater containing substances particularly harmful to the environment. The aquatic legal survey in the field of industrial wastewater disposal enables us to comply the strict requirements of protect environmental resources.