We are pioneer biotechnological company manufacturing biocellulose in compliance with GMP pharmaceutical standards. Through years of researches we have developed advanced way of biocellulose production on industrial scale. Our unique method of production is based on the usage of highly efficient bacterial strain Gluconacetobacter xylinus E25.

Currently the technology used in industrial scale of BC production, is based on innovative know-how and 7 unique patents, which is held in our laboratories.

We are the only owners of those licenses and patents, as well as trademarks Bowil® and CelMat®.
Our biocellulose is an innovative intelligent sterilized biomaterial produced by highly efficient strain of bacteria named Gluconacetobacter xylinus E25.

This kind of BC is proven to be one of the most durable and effective fabrics that can be used in production of:
  • medical implants of different kinds;
  • excellent face masks (with long lasting moisturizing and antiaging properties);
  • wound dressings, which enhance fast painless wound healing.


BOWIL Biotech was started by two business leaders, who are truly dedicated to development of polish biotechnological business sector. In 80s they were making their first steps in biotechnological solutions, which can be used in food industry. As result of this efforts, they became first manufacturers of eatable ingredients produced in a natural process of bacteria fermentation. Years later they founded BOWIL Biotech, which is the pioneer biotechnological company in Europe.



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    1st place award certificate for Industrial Investment of the year, in category Innovative Investment of the year, Poland 2015
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    The International Federation of Investors Assosiations - award for the most innovative product of the International Trade Fair „Invention Show”, Poland 2008.
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    Award of the Malaysian Invention and Design Society, for the invention „CelMat – Bacterial cellulose for internal use”, Malaysia 2008.
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    Gold medal with honorable mention of the International Inventions Exhibition IWIS, for the novelty fabric“ Microbiologic biomaterial for the internal use”, Poland 2008.
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    Gold medal of the Trade Fair Brussels Eureka & Brussels Innova Energy, for the most innovative product – „ Biomaterial made of microbial cellulose for internal use”, Belgium 2007.


We are proudly realizing projects supported by European Union:

European Funds Innovative Economy, Priority IV. Investment in innovative enterprises, 4.3. Technology loan, title: “Implementation the novelty method of production bionanocellulose.” Implementing the innovative technological solutions of bacterial cellulose production on industrial scale. The most advanced manufacturer of BC in Europe.


European Funds Innovative Economy, Priority VI. Polish economy on the international market, 6.1. Passport to Exports, title: “Bowil Biotech on the international market. Implementing the strategy of internal market growth.” The international promotion campaign of biocellulose CelMat® brand products.


‘Growth of the competitiveness and increase Bowil Biotech’s impact through entry into new international sales markets by investing in the production of a new biomaterial, which will be utilized in the production of implants’ under the Regional Operational Programme  for Pomeranian Voivodship 2.2.1. Profile Investments.